Advice before buying a safe

A safe is an investment for years. What to look for in order to make a good decision?

The right size for your safe
Consider what do you want to store in it and estimate the number of items. Before buying a safe, think about the fact that your valuables are likely to increase over time..
Type of safe
Do you want your safe to have fire protection in addition to burglary protection? Our product range also includes gun safes, specialized safes for many industries and exclusive safes.
Where to position the safe
Make sure the safe is placed in a location with sufficient load-bearing capacity, avoiding locations with high humidity or exposure to sunlight.
Resistance classes and insurance protection
A higher resistance class has an influence on the negotiation of more favourable conditions with an insurer for the amount of insurance cover for the safe's contents.
Lock type
Consider how you would like to open the safe – with a key, a combination lock with a dial, an electronic code, or perhaps using a fingerprint reader?
The safe that fits your needs
Our main concern is your satisfaction with the safe you purchase. Take our advice into account and choose a safe that perfectly matches your ideas and expectations.
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