Safety through independent certificates

In order to consistently provide you with the highest quality, we test and certify our HARTMANN safes at recognised certification institutes such as VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, the European Security Systems Association (ESSA) with its accredited certification body European Certification Body GmbH (ECB-S) and at the Material Testing Institute of the Technical University of Braunschweig.

Certified products

Hartmann safes are tested in the most renowned certification institutes in Germany. The independence of these institutes is a guarantee that procedures are carried out reliably and according to the strictest European standards

Certified service quality

Quality and safety are not only important to us when it comes to our safes but also our services. This is why we have had our work processes certified by VdS Schadenverhütung according to the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management standard.

This standard regulates the repeatable work processes, responsibility, internal and external communication within the company. The certificate indicates which areas of HARTMANN TRESORE have been audited and is valid for all German locations in Paderborn, Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Munich.

Safes certified by ECB-S guarantee the buyer consistently high quality and verifiable security, as the ECB-S certificate provides information on the security aspects analysed, e.g.:

  • the degree of resistance (0 to XIII) of the safes and the security class (S1, S2) for burglary resistance,
  • the fire resistance class of the safe for fire protection (e.g. S 60 P, S 120 DIS),
  • lock classes (A – D) for high security locks.

A further advantage is that insurers recognise safes certified by ECB-S through guaranteed sums insured for stored valuables or favourable insurance premiums.

An internationally recognised partner

The ECB's cooperation partners include the VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, which tests safes for burglary resistance, and the Materials Testing Institute of the Technical University of Braunschweig (MPA), which carries out the most difficult fire tests on safes.

The safes offered by HARTMANN TRESORE as an ESSA member, are tested and certified accordingly.

Long-standing experience

ECB traces its roots back to the "Forschungs- und Prüfgemeinschaft Geldschränke und Tresoranlagen e. V. (FuP)", founded in 1967. It thus has more than 40 years of experience in classifying safes and valuables containers with regard to security. As a neutral certification body, the ECB's certification board comprises, on a parity basis, representatives of users, insurers and manufacturers.

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