Delivery and assembly

Reliable and discreet

For a safe that often weighs several hundred kilos, professional transport and correct setting and assembly are of particular importance. We care about discretion and deliver our safes in independent vehicles without company advertising.
Unusual safe transport?
Our teams have specialised equipment and technical facilities to enable us to carry out even the most unusual deliveries. In the case of particularly labour-intensive or complicated deliveries, we are happy to come to you in advance for a site inspection. That way we can avoid any unpleasant surprises during the delivery.

How should you prepare for a safe delivery?

Check possible access routes to the building and the preferred way to transport the safe – are there curbs, high thresholds, stairs? Determine if the location where you intend to place the safe has adequate floor bearing capacity and if it is possible to fix the safe to the floor.
What you should pay particular attention to before delivery:
  • installation on site,
  • target floor – ground or floor,
  • width of walkways,
  • obstacles in the path of transport,
  • dimensions of the entrance to the building,
  • material and type of stairs,
  • load capacity of construction elements.
The safe can also be delivered by courier service
Show us the way the safe should be delivered – take some photos, make a video or download and complete a short questionnaire and send it back to us by e-mail
Download the transport questionnaire
The safe that fits your needs
Our main concern is your satisfaction with the safe you purchase. Take our advice into account and choose a safe that perfectly matches your ideas and expectations.
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